Dayton Hotel — 609 E Dayton and 616 E Mifflin

14 January 2022

The McGrath Property Group are proposing a residential hotel development for the 600 block of E Dayton St.  We will be sending out notifications for a neighborhood meeting and subsequent steering committee meetings.  For more information, contact Bob Klebba, bob.klebba@alejperez

Dayton Hotel Steering Committee Meeting 27 July 2022

Dayton Hotel Steering Committee Notes 27 July 2022

18 April 2002, TLNA Steering Committee report

Final Presentation – March 17, 2022

Steering Committee Notes, March 17, 2022

Presentation February 17, 2022

Minutes from February 17, 2022 TLNA Steering Committee Meeting

Original presentation January 13, 2022

The attached presentation was reviewed at the 13 January TLNA Council meeting. 

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