Tenney Lapham Parks

The city of Madison has 270 parks or 6000 acres of parkland. Madison has the highest, per capita, number of parks in the country with 12.7 parks per 10,000 residents.  Here in the Tenny/Lapham neighborhood (tlna) we are very fortunate to have 4 wonderful parks: Tenny Park, James Madison Park, Giddings Park and Reynolds Park. We also share the Yahara River Parkway with our friends in the Marquette neighborhood and border Filene park which is in the Sherman Ave. neighborhood. Each of these parks are unique and the Tenny/Lapham neighborhood is involved in supporting various projects/activities at all of the parks.

WE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS TO HELP WITH EXISTING PROJECTS IN OUR PARKS AND LOOKING TO SUPPORT NEW PROJECTS!!!  If you love our neighborhood parks and want to be a part of keeping them beautiful you can contact us through the tlna web site. Below are just some of the ways in which you can volunteer. 


 The tlna coordinates neighborhood volunteers who maintain several garden areas throughout the park and at Filene park.  This work includes keeping the gardens weeded and mulching in the Spring.  We also work with Operation Fresh Start to identify park projects for their clientele.   VOLUNTEER!

Tlna works with the City Park Dept to recruit VOLUNTEER’S for an annual Earth Day Clean up.

Tlna has raised funds for several rounds of treatments for the Ash trees to protect them from emerald ash borer.  DONATE!

Tlna worked with the family of Richard Linster to install new, colorful bike racks in 3 different locations in the park.

Tlna is working with City Parks and nearby neighbors to continue the annual winter Luminary Event. VOLUNTEER!


Tlna was instrumental in resurrecting The Friends of James Madison Park. JOIN!

Tlna neighbors maintain and plant the gardens at Gates of Heaven and on top of the old beach house. VOLUNTEER!

Tlna recruits VOLUNTEER’S to help with the City Parks Dept annual Earth Day clean up

Tlna works with neighbors to ensure that the invasive’s that grow along the shore line and in other areas of the park are removed. VOLUNTEER!

Reynolds Park:

Tlna has created and maintains an edible fruit garden at Reynold’s park  (technically on Water Utility land) by planting cherry trees, currants and paw-paw’s.  We will be adding additional fruits this year. VOLUNTEER! 

Tlna holds our annual Party in the Park at Reynolds. JOIN IN THE FUN!

Tlna kicks off the Richard Linster annual group bike ride at Reynolds. RIDE WITH US! 

Tlna recruits VOLUNTEER’S for the City parks annual Earth Day clean up

Tlna neighbors maintain the garden in the NE corner of Reynold’s park and the vine garden along the Mifflin St. fence. VOLUNTEER!

As you can see there are many opportunities to participate in tlan sponsored activities in our parks. We are also always interested in hearing new idea’s or being made aware of any issues of concern in our parks. SPEAK UP AND JOIN IN!