Chris Julson & Mike Franke, 421 N. Paterson Street #2, 608-219-0088, [email protected]
Chris and Mike have managed to combine two of their favorite pastimes: travel & photography. Mike has been traveling the world since the early 70’s with Chris joining him in the mid-80’s & together they have visited over 65 countries. Photos & photo cards from all 7 continents are on display. Though neither is a professional photographer, both enjoy making photos that capture the faces & places they’ve visited & sharing them with their families and friends.
Sharon Redinger, 408 Washburn Place
608-256-6282,  [email protected]
The close-up world of leaves and the splendor of landscape has captured Sharon’s attention in her painting. Sharon’s watercolor style is described as Hard-edge Watercolor Painting. Each wash of color is left to dry before another is placed next to it. Multiple layers of color washes create saturated colors and dark shadows. Sharon also paints a series of fruit paintings called “Fruitful Art”.
Bill Redinger, 408 Washburn Place
608-256-6282,  [email protected]
Since 1987, Bill has found it enjoyable to depict scenes from creation—imitating nature. A favorite subject matter is wild flowers—flowers that have become a metaphor of the brevity of life. The prints Bill creates capture the light and fleeting beauty of objects of nature. A serigraph is an original color print made by pressing ink/pigment through a silkscreen stencil onto paper. Bill is also working on a watercolor series, along with Sharon, called “Fruitful Art”. He paints veggies.The format is small – intended for small spaces in kitchens.
Brian McCormick, 407 North Brearly Street
608-695-4369, [email protected]
Previously a preservation architect, Brian now spends much of his time making art. While he began painting watercolors in college, his woodblock prints are a newer endeavor. He often combines the two media, adding watercolor to his prints. He is inspired by both the natural and built environments that create a special sense of place. Brian has been active showing his work in juried exhibitions regionally. More of Brian’s work can be seen at U-Frame-It on Johnson Street; Outside the Lines Art Gallery in both Dubuque, Iowa, and Galena, Illinois; and at his website:
Ken Vogel, 917 East Dayton Street
“I’ve been making puppets, mostly string but also hand, for over fifty years. Most of them are of people, famous and not, but there are animal ones as well. The heads are made of papier-mâché and the bodies of cardboard and newspaper tubes. I sew the costumes on my 1940’s Singer. I welcome commissions and requests for specific characters.” 
Mary Gill, 941 East Dayton Street
608-217-4133, [email protected]
“I grew up in Trinidad and Tobago but have lived in the USA for over 30 years. Many of my paintings are about my Caribbean experience. I am a graduate of UW-Madison in Art Education. I taught at Western Illinois University and at Kennesaw University, Kennesaw GA. I work mainly with oil paint and since retiring; I have been exploring imagery that addresses my Caribbean experience.”
Frank Lind, 119 N. Ingersoll Street
917-353-4092, [email protected]
Frank Lind is a realist painter of landscape, seascape, and figures. He paints many pictures of one of his favorite muses, the Atlantic Ocean. The flora and fauna of the seashore, the movement of the waves, and the play of light on water are the subjects of his work. Inspired by the painting practice of James Perry Wilson (who painted beautiful dioramas in the American Museum of Natural History In New York in the mid-20th century), his painting palette includes no tubes of green paint. As a result, all the greens in his paintings come from mixing blues, yellows, and other hues. Frank Lind’s work has been shown extensively in New York City and internationally and is included in many museums and private collections.
Jeanne Wilkinson, 119 N. Ingersoll Street
917-379-5015, [email protected]
Formerly an abstract painter, Jeanne Wilkinson now works digitally using numerous apps and programs. One of her series involves the “Painted People,” former Barbies, Kens, GI Joes, etc., transformed in her Brooklyn studio to become a clan of wanderers of the earth and beyond. Via the magic of the computer, she sends them on fantastical journeys. Of late she has been veering away from fantasy in a series of photographs of skies, water, and skylines that seem magical in and of themselves. Some of her favorite subjects are found on frequent walks; each walk becomes a kind of magical mystery tour in and of itself. Living on the Isthmus makes both Mendota and Monona Lakes easily accessible, and their skies, shorelines and surfaces in every season have become the subject of many recent images. Her work has been shown in New York City and internationally, and in numerous publications online. Her videos have been shown at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), at the Greenpoint and NYC Indie Film Festivals, at the 13th Street Repertory Theater in New York City, and a poetry video was featured at the Blue Gallery in Midtown Manhattan, and at the Unspooled Film Festival in Menomonie, WI.
Sharon Gould, 422 N Few Street
608-669-1687, [email protected]
As a student of the local art studio, Atwood Atelier, Sharon draws portraits from live models. She works to bring in personality and contrast to make the portrait come alive, identifying the subtle expression or the glint in the eye. Her analytical style brings in a lifelike rendering of the subject. Her approach focuses on two medium styles – black charcoal on toned paper, highlighting with white charcoal. She also focuses on the reverse – white charcoal on black paper, drawing from the negative. Building on this experience, she also focuses on photography throughout her travels – always looking for that one shot that tells a story, bringing the viewer back for another look.
Jeannette Deloya & Patti Coffey 
411 Sidney St. 608-358-0583  
Patti Coffey and Jeannette Deloya are long-time Tenney residents who have a shared appreciation for shiny things. For this year’s ArtWalk, we will be joined by several crafty friends (and, depending on the weather, hopefully a little live music!). Come check out our whimsical, locally ‘grown’ glass flowers that are perfect for garden beds and potted arrangements. They bloom year round and never die! Warm knitted items (socks, hats) and watercolor cards and prints will also be among our front porch offerings. Come see us!
Clarice Lafayette, 450 Marston Avenue
Whimsical, eclectic, folksy acrylic paintings of rabbits, cats, rats and creatures unknown are the subjects of Clarice Lafayette’s artworks. Did we mention they’re just a tad creepy? Prints will be available for purchase. About the artist: Clarice Lafayette started drawing in elementary school as a way to entertain herself in math class. She still enjoys getting lost in the adventure of putting paint to canvas and playing with proportion. She is primarily a voice actor, narrating Death’s Curses by Becca Fox and Martha Agundez on Audible, and who’s role as Art in the podcast Day by Day is premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC this year! 
Ripley Patzlaff
1206 Elizabeth Street
Ripley has lived in Tenney/Lapham all her life. She has a passion for art and has begun exploring digital art. She loves creating new characters and gets her inspiration from books and DnD role-playing with friends. Her graphic designs truly capture the essence of her imaginative characters. Every detail, color and expression is carefully woven into an image that leaves you wondering what led to that snapshot in time—the mischievous grin, the laughter, the melancholy or the loneliness. You can tell your own story. She also enjoys creating unique jewelry, ornaments, and clay creatures. 
Sandy, Davie, and Alyda Froeschne
1225 Elizabeth Street 608-458-6353
Each member of the Froeschner Family is a maker in their own right! Alyda (age 8) makes homemade
crayons using custom cut crayon molds and homemade candles, among other things. Davie makes just about anything, but his custom machine cut aluminum crayon molds will be on display. Sandy loves to knit, especially baby hats! Please come by and check it out!