Apply for Funding

 TLNA Community Grants

TLNA Community Grants support the organizations making our neighborhood stronger. We encourage you to apply for funding (up to $500) by submitting the (brief) application here, sharing what the funding will accomplish. After review, you may be contacted by the council. Funding requests are reviewed on a monthly basis.

Community Grant Application


TLNA Mutual Aid

TLNA Mutual Aid provides funding to help our neighbors in need. This can be for a specific individual need, or a project that will help many. (e.g. helping support a community fridge project). We encourage you to apply on your own behalf or on behalf of a neighbor. 

Mutual Aid Grant Application


TLNA Neighborhood Grants

TLNA Neighborhood Grants help sponsor neighborhood projects, events, and organizations that foster positive neighbor interaction. Please complete the application below. You can also access the paper form here. 

Neighborhood Grant Application



Please contact us at [email protected]