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Tenney Lapham Neighborhood Association


For many years Bob Shaw, with others, developed this WEB site and prepared printed newsletters for the Tenney Lapham Neighborhood Association. He accumulated a massive archive of data and stored it on this WEB page, including, but not limited to, all TLNA Council meeting minutes, Newsletters, By-laws, Development reports and more.

In order to preserve these documents we have moved them to this directory:

Originally all of the files in this legacy directory could be found at In 2020, the TLNA commissioned a new WEB page. To keep the legacy files in the root directory of the new WEB page would cause a great deal of confusion for the WEB developer. Hence we have moved them to this directory. Unfortunately, some of the hyper-links no longer work because many of those links were directed to subdirectories of the domain name with the domain name included in hyper-link. We are working to fix those links. If you find a dead link, please let us know by sending an email to: tlna.newsletter at


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