Storm Drain Mural in Tenney-Lapham

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The Madison Area Municipal Stormwater Partnership, Dane County and Dane Arts Mural Arts have set up a Storm Drain Mural Program which we are taking advantage of. We proposed to involve neighbors and their children to paint a mural around a storm drain that leads into Lake Mendota. The goal of the program is to educate residents about stormwater pollution through art. We hope to capture the attention of those who pass by, help them understand where the stormwater that enters their storm drain fl ows, and get them thinking about what they can to to keep our lakes and rivers clean. The location we chose for the mural is at the north end of Blount Street in James Madison Park. There is a storm drain there that drains Gorham and Blount streets, the parking lot directly into Lake Mendota below. Many people stop at this overlook to enjoy the views of Lake Mendota and the summer sunsets.

All mural supplies and painting costs are covered through this great program. We will be looking for ideas for mural designs and of course volunteers of all ages to help paint the mural this spring. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at if you want to get involved.

Posted by Bob Klena and Dawn O'Kroley


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