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Our neighborhood is lucky to have an active neighborhood association - the Tenney L a p h a m Neighborhood Ass o c i a t i o n (TLNA). The organizing that is done via the TLNA helps bring vibrancy, community events, and thoughtful dialogue to our part of the isthmus. Members of the council put countless hours into making this neighborhood a better place to live. Navigating the many municipal agencies is a complicated process and council members dedicate time to engaging these agencies for our collective better.

Traffi c calming has obviously been an important issue in our neighborhood -- as our neighborhood is at the center of all the transportation that comes through the isthmus on the three major arteries of E. Gorham, E. Johnson, and E. Washington. Recently, the eff orts of neighborhood volunteers helped to get stop signs at E. Miffl in and N. Ingersoll to help calm traffi c around Lapham elementary school, along a main pedestrian route to and from the school. Recent collaboration with Traffi c Engineering also resulted in permanent stop signs on Elizabeth and Baldwin Street, helping to slow cut-through traffi c on the residential street. Bob Klebba and the rest of the traffi c and safety committee have been leading these traffi c calming eff orts, holding meetings to hear neighbors’ concerns and producing a document for Traffi c Engineering that aggregates and prioritizes the commitments to a safer Tenney-Lapham neighborhood. Members of the TLNA also contribute eff orts to many other neighborhood endeavors - including projects in the parks, neighborhood social events, and much more.

Our active neighborhood association is in large part thanks to the tremendous leadership of Richard Linster (fondly known just as “Linster”) in making sure that the TLNA membership stays active and continues to grow. Linster has worked selfl essly for over 35 years on the council to better the neighborhood, in many diff erent roles, not least of which was council presidency at a time that required the skillful navigation of massive growth and development in our neighborhood. Here’s to the amazing eff orts of the TLNA council and neighbors as we work together toward continuous improvement in our wonderful neighborhood!

If you are not yet a member of the TLNA, join us! Or renew your membership! Fill out the membership form.

Posted by Jonny Hunter, President
2019/20 TLNA President


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TLNA is a 100% volunteer-run organization and its success is made possible only with the help and dedication of the many people who donate their time.

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