Tenney-Lapham Neighborhood Association By-Laws

Article I – NAME

The organization will be known as the Tenney-Lapham Neighborhood Association.

Article II – PURPOSE

Section 1. The primary purpose of the organization is to improve the neighborhood through democratic citizen participation and involvement.

Section 2. The organization will work for the achievement of this purpose by generating and sustaining a spirit of neighborhood among area residents through all appropriate means including, but not limited to:

2.1 – Foreseeing and calling attention to emerging neighborhood trends and problems prior to their reaching crisis proportions.
2.2 – Fostering neighborhood interest and participation in planning.
2.3 – Providing means for widespread study and discussion of all issues and questions pertinent to the neighborhood.
2.4 – Educating neighborhood residents about the neighborhood, its rich history and its future potential.
2.5 – Serving as an advocate for those policies and programs that seem to its membership, after appropriate analysis and discussion, to be in the neighborhood’s best interest.


The general area to be served by the organization will be bounded by the Yahara River on the east, Blair Street on the west, Lake Mendota on the north, and East Washington Avenue on the south.


Section 1. Types of membership

1.1 Regular Members. All persons age eighteen (18) and over who reside in, or are homeowners, or who are owners or managers of businesses in the above area are eligible for regular membership in the organization.
1.2 Associate Members. All persons age eighteen (18) and over who do not meet the criteria for regular membership but have paid dues. Associate members have all of the privileges of regular membership except they may not vote.

Section 2. Any member having paid his/her annual membership dues shall be considered a member in good standing. The normal membership period is from October 1 to September 30 each year. Persons who join or renew membership between June 1 and September 30 would be in good standing until September 30 of the next year. Annual dues shall be as follows:

2.1 For an individual at least 18 years old, but less than 65 years old — $10.00
2.2 For an individual 65 years or older, or for a student — $5.00
2.3 For a corporation or commercial establishment — $20.00
2.4 For a household — $20.00

Section 3. Voting at all meetings shall be limited to those regular members who have paid their dues. Members must be present in order to vote and there shall be no voting by proxy except by members who are physically unable to attend. Any such proxies shall be given to the Secretary. There shall be no blanket proxies.

Section 4. Any regular member in good standing, except for elected public officials, may with his/her consent be nominated or appointed as an official of the organization.


The officials of the organization should be selected with regard to representing the differing ages, interests, and addresses of the membership of the neighborhood.

Section 1. The elected officials of the organization shall consist of:

1.1 The President who will direct association activities, chair meetings of the Neighborhood Council and Executive Committee and perform other duties as required. The President shall not vote as a member of the Neighborhood Council or Executive Committee except in order to break a tie vote of either body.
1.2 The Vice-President who will assume the duties of the President at the request of the President or during his/her absence, and who will perform other duties as agreed upon with the President.
1.3 The Secretary who will prepare the minutes of the organization’s meetings, issue notices of the association’s meetings, maintain all records and files as they pertain to the organization, and receive proxies.
1.4 The Treasurer, who will have charge of and be responsible for the monies and financial transactions of the organization, including keeping accurate records of the organization’s finances, disbursing funds, depositing such monies in the organization’s name in such financial institutions as shall be selected and approved by the Executive Committee, and filing all federal and state tax and financial reports. The Treasurer shall also oversee the Budget Committee in the creation of the annual budget.
1.5 Area representatives who will be responsible for coordinating with block captains to distribute the newsletter within their designated areas, determined at the time of nomination and election.
1.6 Chairpersons of any standing committees, e.g., Publicity, Housing, Safety/Transportation, Development, Membership/Social,Business/Commercial and Parks, who shall be nominated and elected from the general membership at the Fall Annual Meeting.

Section 2. The duties of the council shall include, but not be limited to: a. Establishing general policy in the best interest of the general membership. b. Carrying out the policies on behalf of the general membership. c. Appointing special committees and chairpersons thereof to work on matters duly designated for consideration of the organization.

Section 3. The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, Vice- President, Secretary, Treasurer, and three (3) other members of the Neighborhood Council selected by the Council. The Executive Committee shall make emergency decisions and expenditures between meetings of the Neighborhood Council only when the President determines that the emergency precludes the calling of a regular or special Neighborhood Council meeting.

Section 4. The terms of the office for the officers and all other council members shall be for one year and coincident with the annual meeting, except that officials or organizations shall remain in office until their successors have been duly elected or appointed. Council members may be elected to serve more than one term in office.

Section 5. There shall be a Nominating Committee consisting of six (6) persons; three of whom, including the chairperson, are approved by and appointed from the Neighborhood Council. For the other three, a request will go out to the general membership for volunteers and then three selected from the volunteers, at the recommendation of the president and approved of the council. The Nominating Committee shall present a single slate of nominees for all elected offices at the annual meeting. Further nominations may be made from the floor.


Section 1. General Membership Meetings

1.1 There shall be at least two (2) meetings of the general membership each year, including the annual meeting, to be held in the Fall.
1.2 Additional meetings may be called by the Neighborhood Council or the Executive Committee as necessary or by petition of twenty (20) or more general members.
1.3 Notice of all meetings of the general membership shall include the meeting agenda, proposed amendments to the BY-LAWS and, at the Fall annual meeting, nominations for officers. Notice shall be given at least one (1) week prior to the meeting by publication in the Newsletter or by other appropriate means.

Section 2. Neighborhood Council Meetings

2.1 Regular meetings of the Neighborhood Council shall be held at a place and hour designated by the President.
2.2 Special meetings of the Neighborhood Council may be called by the President or by any three (3) Council members, provided that each Council member is notified at least twentyfour (24) hours preceding the meeting.
2.3 The Council shall publish notice of neighborhood Council meetings at least twenty-four (24) hours preceding the meeting.

Section 3. The Executive Committee shall meet as necessary between meetings of the Neighborhood Council.

Section 4. Any action permitted by the BY-LAWS or any provision of law to be taken at a meeting of the Neighborhood Council or the Executive Committee may be taken without a meeting if, a consent in writing, setting forth the action so taken, shall be signed or agreed upon by a majority of the members of the Neighborhood Council or the Executive Committee entitled to vote on the matter.


Section 1. Any member of the organization in good standing may attend any Neighborhood Council or committee meeting and take part in its open discussion.

Section 2. All meetings of the organization shall be conducted in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order except as specified in the BY- LAWS.

Section 3. At all Neighborhood Council meetings, an absolute majority of Council members shall constitute a quorum; at the Annual Meetings and other general membership meetings, ten percent (10%) of the regular members shall constitute a quorum.

Section 4. A vote of a simple majority of the eligible members voting shall be required for action at meetings of the general membership, Neighborhood Council, Executive Committee, and special and standing committees, unless otherwise specified in the BY-LAWS. Officials shall be elected by a simple majority vote of the general membership.

Section 5. Vacancies in office

5.1 In the event of the resignation of the President or in the event that the President should become ineligible or unable to continue in office, the Vice President shall become President for the remaining term of office.
5.2 In the event an official, other than the President, of the organization should resign or become ineligible or unable to continue in office, the Neighborhood Council shall appoint a replacement who shall serve out the term of office. Four consecutive absences without valid reason from the Neighborhood Council or committee meetings shall be deemed a resignation.

Section 6. The BY-LAWS of the organization will be ratified by a majority vote of those present at the first association meeting.

Section 7. Proposed amendments to the BY-LAWS of the organization shall only be acted on at meetings of the general membership. Proposed amendments must be published one (1) week before the meeting. Proposed amendments may be introduced from the floor. A vote of at least two-thirds (2/3) of the eligible members voting shall be the required majority for adopting BY-LAWS amendments.


No individual or committee shall take a public action nor shall any members represent themselves as speaking in the name of the organization unless so authorized by the Neighborhood Council or the Executive Committee.


The organization shall not support candidates for public office.


The Neighborhood Council will publish a newsletter reporting on the activities of the Neighborhood Council and the neighborhood. The newsletter will be published four times annually and distributed free to all households and businesses in the neighborhood via hardcopy and/or by electronic means.

Article XI – BUDGET

The Neighborhood council shall appoint a budget committee in the fall that shall prepare the annual budget.

Section 1. Prior to the first meeting of the budget committee all officers and chairs shall submit a statement of their estimated needs.

Section 2. The budget committee shall distribute to the council a budget draft to solicit further input. The budget shall be approved by a majority vote of the council.

Section 3. A policy on fulfilling donation requests shall be set as follows:

3.1 Donations allocated in the budget shall be given as requested, contingent upon funds available.
3.2 Donations not allocated in the budget under $1,000.00 shall be approved by a simple majority of the council upon recommendation by the budget committee, in accordance with TLNA funding guidelines.

Updated and approved at annual meeting October 2019