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Summer 2019 Newsletter
  • 15 Artists Featured in 18th Annual Art Walk
  • President's Report: Will Tenney-Lapham Become the “Food Forest Neighborhood”?
  • Alder's Report: Lights Proposed for Reynolds Park Courts
  • The Greening of 702 East Johnson
  • Mayor's Report: Capital Budget is a First Priority
  • Represent TLNA with pride!
  • Art Walk Map and Brochure
  • Funding Continues for East High Field House Renovation
  • History Quiz for Tenney Park Celebration
  • Dane County Farmers’ Market at Breese Stevens Field on July 13
  • Tenney-Lapham Hosts the First DIPPUL
  • Vintage Postcard Collection Installed at Tenney Park
  • Get Ready to Sell Some Stuff at the Annual Neighborhood Yard Sale on Saturday, August 10
  • Pictures from the Century Celebration at Tenney Park
  • Housing Report
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